Individual Solutions

Individual Solutions

We specialize in working with business owners and managers who need more complex retirement planning. Business owners & individuals with high net worth know that long-term financial success is about more than where you are today. We look at insurance and saving for the future to help you select the plans that offer financial security.

When you have substantial assets to manage, you need a clear, concrete plan for how those assets will grow in the future. And you need to select the right plans to ensure that you have the protections in place that give you a sense of long-term security. 

Navigate Group Benefits works with high net worth individuals who need to make sense of the different avenues for retirement. We’ll consult with you to help chart the course of the right accounts and plans to give you maximum peace of mind.

Our Individual Solutions

Estate and Financial Planning Services

We look at the big picture when it comes to your financial future. Working alongside estate and financial planning specialists, we’ll consider everything you need for a rock-solid retirement plan.

Our services include: estate planning, retirement planning, taxation, investment strategies, and money management related to tax planning. We’ll also help with contingency planning to ensure your financial foundation is secure.


Your hard-earned money should work just as hard for you. We present different investment options to ensure your money generates returns, including strategies for all kinds of risk levels.

Our investment options include: Accumulation Annuities, Guaranteed Investment Certificates, Segregated Funds, and mutual funds.

Life Insurance

You want the right protection in place for your loved ones, but choosing from all the life insurance options can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best coverage at the right price.

Various life insurance available include: Term Insurance, Permanent Insurance, Participating Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Business Owner Insurance, and Mortgage Protection.

Personal Health Insurance

The best time to get covered is while you’re still healthy. Personal Health Insurance lowers your risk of being burdened with medical expenses that could arise from illnesses or accidents.

Various personal health options include  Basic Plan,  Standard Plan, and Enhanced Plan.

Critical Illness Insurance

Medical advances have come a long way. That means that even with critical illnesses, we need insurance to help us live longer without calamitous damage to our finances. Critical Illness Insurance helps ease the financial burden if you’re diagnosed with an illness covered by our policy.

Various options include Term and Permanent plans.

Long Term Disability

If you should ever become disabled, you’ll need to supplement your income. But there are lots of Long Term Disability options available, and we’re here to help find out which option is best for you.


It’s time to take control over your coverage. Work with someone who can help you navigate the world of group plans and find what’s right for you. Our streamlined virtual process takes less time, making it easier than ever before to get a quote.